About DJ Drake

Loudmouth who likes loud music (well… usually loud).

But whatever… a bunch of the relevant parts of the story are over on the “about the show” page, but here’s some main beats:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rock star, but when I was an adult and actually tried, I realized I hated playing live and having obsessed fans isn’t nearly as much fun as one might think, especially when one has no budget for… how did Chad Kroeger phrase it in that one old Nickelback song? “eight bodyguards who like to beat up assholes”? Or was that “who like to beat up vassals”? Either way.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, because I was on air at CiTR as a DJ damn near 10 years before I ever released any of my own music as maQLu.

In any case, I like a variety of stuff so I spin a variety of stuff, especially dark stuff in either sound or temperment, and my weird brain likes to find amusing little connections between the songs. Like my favorite flow I ever did remains an old episode of Mind of maQLu Radio where I mixed from the outro of a Junksista song called “Likeyourshoes” with it’s cold echo opening of the (female) lead singer going “I like, I like, I like, I like your shoes, wanna fuck?” into the cold snarling opening of a certain Johnny Thunders song wherein he howls “Welllllllll there’s a little bit of whore in ev, ev’ry girl….”

Not saying this show will always be that clever, but I try.

Anyway, I’ve also done comedy and comedy podcasting, so a little bit of that might rear its head on the Vampire’s Ball. Certainly I plan to make some fake ads for stuff related to other projects… well, some will be real. Like for The Zamo the Destroyer Show.

For more information on those other projects, pop over to my main website pyradraculea.com where I blather and dither all about those.